Bubble tea Bogota NJ

Bubble tea
Bubble tea made with real, home brewed tea and tapioca bubbles (boba) made fresh daily, or with three flavors of flavored popping bubbles.

Bubble tea is a staple drink in Taiwan where it originated and Southeast Asia, but only recently has it caught on in the US. It is known also as pearl milk tea, bubble milk tea, boba tea, tapioca tea, tapioca bubble tea, boba milk tea, etc, etc, but whatever you want to call it, it taste delicious. Bubble tea (or boba tea) can be made with black tea, green tea, coffee (yes, coffee flavored "bubble tea"), with milk or creamer with different fruit flavors, or just milk or creamer with fruit flavors if you're watching the caffiene. Alternatively, you can substitute the milk or creamer used with coconut, almond, or soy milk for a dairy free alternative. Not only that, any decent bubble tea shop like frovana gives you a choice of traditional chewy tapioca boba or flavored popping bubbles that pop in your mouth when you bite into them a release flavored juice. As you can see, the possible combinations of bases, flavors, milks, and boba are endless.

We use real tea in our bubble teas, not tea powders (unless that's what you are into or a particular flavor comes with the tea mixed in) or premade commercial tea concentrates for our boba tea. We brew our tea in store and slow cook the tapioca boba (tapioca bubbles) fresh every day to give you the best possible experience. Your bubble tea is made to order and is made right in front of you for the freshest, most delicious flavor. Come in and try our huge selection of bubble teas today.

How do I get to frovana from Bogota for some bubble tea?

From Bogota , you're only a short drive away from some cool, refreshing, best tasting bubble tea in Bergen county. Go north on Palisades Ave, make a right onto West Tryon, left onto Teaneck Road, right onto Ward Plaza, continue on Ivy lane, left onto Tenafly Road, and then a right onto Riveredge Road and you're there!

Use this map to see the route from Bogota to frovana.